Last Notable Release: Halo: Reach (360, 2010)

Complex Says: Reach was the franchise's swan song for the former developers Bungie. Their final installment marked the end of a fantastic run of games under the Halo banner. So who's got their hands on Master Chief now? 343 Industries, a Microsoft gaming development team, has been handed the reigns to the series; we're a bit tentative about the possibilty of a post-Bungie version, but we trust that the guys at 343 will prove our fears wrong.

Will It Be Announced?: We hope so. There've been some rumblings about 343 Industries making an HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, but we haven't seen any proof of that yet. If there's any right time to unveil the latest installment of the deep space epic FPS, though, E3 is definitely it.

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