First off, let’s cut Monkeybone’s title character a break here: The animated primate isn’t half as insufferable as Brendan Fraser in the colossally excruciating film that signaled the beginning of the end for Fraser’s credibility.

But that’s about as much slack as a piece of floss. Fraser is just awful in this flop of a “stop motion meets live action” comedy, so you’d hope that the film’s computer-generated misfit would generate at least a few laughs. Instead of making us giggle, though, Monkeybone just drives us up a wall.

John Turturro does his worst Joe Pesci impersonation to give Monkeybone one of the most irksome voices imaginable, and it’s only when MB dives headfirst into co-star Rose McGowan’s cleavage that we don’t want to kick his little simian ass. To want to do so then would be an act of petty jealousy, and we’re better than that.