10. The source material is scary as hell.

Learned from: The Woman In Black (1989)
Fans of horror, thrillers, and other genre fare who consider period films to be square are actually rather hypocritical. Many of the best ghost stories, whether in book or movie form, take place in the late 1800s—prime time for old English speech, bonnets, and stuffy costumes.

Thus, one easy way to cheat and make people think you’re into Victorian-era storytelling is to give 19th century supernatural flicks a shot. A great place to start is the 1989 made-for-British-TV movie The Woman In Black. Based on Susan Hill’s chilling ’83 novel, it’s about a young lawyer who’s stalked by a freaky old specter while visiting an English town for a funeral. The costume design captures the fashion of 100-plus years ago and the dialect is vintage king’s English—any history professor would approve. Just keep an extra pair of knickers on hand.