By the time Lara's done with her last game (whenever that is), she’ll be sick of having been sexually exploited for years, only to then be Dark Knight-ed in order to be taken seriously...despite the fact that she’s actually still being exploited. Even though no one faps to her anymore, she’ll have had enough with all the creepy herbs ogling her and her IRL standins at tradeshows and cons. So, Bryn Mawr it is.

But the real reason she’s going is that, unbeknownst to most people, Bryn Mawr has a beastly archaeology program. OK, that’s not the real reason she’s going either; she’s also tired of grabbing old junk out of caves and then getting shot by a bunch of international dickheads because THEY want that old junk MOAR. No, she’s just tired of being a sex symbol. And what better way to lose those pervy stares than wymyns' studies?