With its dual-core Tegra 2 processor, full 1080p video playback, front and rear-facing cameras, and Android's first true tablet operating system, the Motorola Xoom is right at the top of our list of most anticipated gadgets. But after seeing a leaked Best Buy ad for the upcoming tablet, our hype just got a little deflated.

According to the ad, the Xoom's lone configuration will run you $800. For comparison sake, the current top of the line iPad with 64GB of internal storage and wi-fi and 3G costs $829. Granted, the Xoom posts beefier internals, and features two cameras, but for a company looking to dethrone the king, we think a price cut would help in swaying customer's decisions.

Also odd is the fine print that states:

"To activate WiFi functionality on this device, a minimum of one month data subscription is required."

If we're reading that correctly, Verizon is going to force you to buy 3G internet service in order to use the wi-fi. We hope we're wrong.

With all that in mind, would you buy the Motorola Xoom for $800? Vote below.