2. Courtney Cox (Monica Geller)

Biggest W since Friends: Cougar Town, the ABC comedy that she stars in and executive produces, just got renewed for a third year after having a relatively successful first two seasons.
Biggest L since Friends: Cox had a role in the shit sandwich and complete bomb of a movie Zoom.
Noticeable relationships: She is currently separated from David Arquette, who she has been married to for over 11 years.
Public scandals: The whole Arquette and Cox saga has been in the news recently due to David openly talking about his infidelity on Howard Stern's radio show and his stay in rehab for alcohol dependency.
Complex says: After years of being in the background and trying to get her producing company off the ground, Cox has found a minor hit with Cougar Town. It helps a lot that she is in her 40s, yet she looks hot as fuck in that MILF-Demi-Moore kind of way. And even though the situation with Arquette probably sucks for both of them, shit, you can't buy the kind of press a break-up will give you.