Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) is the premier source for quality, creative console gaming; ever since Microsoft began the program for small developers in 2008, it's become the place where retro is king, the little guy wins, and 3D is the exception rather than rule. It's the open mic night of the brave new digital entertainment world. And it's huge. So while it's not impossible to jump right in and find some great stuff, we happily jumped in and surveyed the landscape just for you and yours' personal edification and enjoyment. After checking out 161 of the (as of this writing) 1,639 games available on the service—that's 9.82% of the entire catalogue—this is no mere list, it's damn near gaming gospel. Oh, and there's nothing on here over five bones, with most happily residing on the dollar menu. Time to put those spare MS bucks to good use. Get to clickin'!

By Nick Marroni