Everyone gets older, even video game characters. Periodically, some of our favorite icons get Botoxed by an Art Director who feels that so-and-so isn’t edgy enough/androgynous enough/RAWR SEXYTIME enough. And said AD will then aesthetically augment the character—against his or her will, of course—to fit with the franchise's direction. If America had an Art Director who ruled over every citizen’s appearance with an iron (yet velvety) fist, we’d all be a lot less morbidly obese and/or Snuggie-draped. The AD of the USA would end up being more powerful than the President, who doesn’t really have any power anyways. We'd all be Adonises/Venuses; even trips to the grocery store would be awesome since the bag boys would all look like a Space Marine. [Ed.—ayo!]

That's assuming, of course, that our makeovers all went well. We actually dig Lightning’s makeover for Final Fantasy XIII-2, even though a lot of people seem to hate the armor—but we can't say the same for some of these other characters. Don't worry, guys; we don't blame you. We blame the AD.

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