How does an already gritty show get even more gritty? Throw a gritty-ass city in the title. Example: Imagine a cop show named Undercover. Sounds cool, right. Now take that and add a city, let's say New York. New York Undercover. Fucking brilliant right there. You instantly want to watch that show. Now here's a newer example: The Chicago Code, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox. That shit sounds epic. Just break down the title a little bit. Chicago is gangsta-ass city, of course, and Code brings to mind "the Chicago way," from The Untouchables, which said you should always bring a bigger weapon and inflict more pain. It's short, brilliant, gritty, with a splash of alliteration. Still, there are times where the idea gets totally ruined. It happens when you include the wrong fucking place. The Memphis Beat? Boring. Alaska State Trooper? Good God, no. We've got some better ones, though. And better TV show ideas, too. Here are 10 gritty cities that deserve a cop show. Check it out, your hood might be here.