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Shake Shack: The Pickin' Burgers Index

Price: 4 ($4.75).
Convenience: 2 (The Shack is really only served with any sort of convenience in NYC. There's a location in Saratoga, which is kinda nice if you don't lose money on the ponies).
Taste: 8.5 (Though the burger is amazing, I had one hang-up: Size. It’s something of a four bite burger, almost guaranteeing you’ll have to get two to make the wait worth it. Also, I reserve 9's for really knock your socks off burger inventions and 10's for burgers that make you want to get your stomach insured with Lloyd's of London. Don't hate on the eight; if you're lucky, that's what you'll rate the date you'll be taking there).
Total: 14.5 (out of 20).

The Pickin' Burgers Index explained:
Taste is ranked on a 10-point scale, and is entirely subjective, entirely at each individual reviewer's discretion.
Price and Convenience are objective measurements on a 5-point scale. For Price, a "5" is given to burgers costing less than $2.50, a "4" to burgers costing $2.50 to $10, with a point drop for each subsequent $5 price increase (a "3" for $10-$15, a "2" for $15-$20, etc., to a "1" for $20+).
For Convenience, a "5" is awarded to burgers served at over 1000 locations, a "4" to burgers served at 100-1000 locations in more than 30 states, a "3" to burgers served at 10-100 locations in more than one state, a "2" to burgers served at more than one location in a city or region, and a "1" to burgers served at one location.

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