There's a lot of idiocy to squeeze in before the weekend, so we're bringing you a special post so packed with gadget-fueled foolery that you'll need to wear special suspenders just to carry it around.

First up: Flame Thrower Gloves

The (probably actual) geniuses over at special effects house J&M Workshops got tired of blowing shit up on movie sets, so they decided to prototype something a little more practical for use  in the real world: A set of gloves connected to an intricate series of propane tubes capable of shooting 3-foot flames at will. We should probably thank them, because judging by the look on the test subject's face, each trigger of the flames defuses approximately seven years of suppressed super villain fantasies.

The JakPak

The JakPak claims it is "The world's first all-in-one waterproof jacket, tent and sleeping bag." We believe them.

The best part of this video is at the end when we get to see the waterproof feature in action. The second best part of this video is watching the girl effortlessly maneuver through each strange phase of the jacket (aided by the special suspenders, of course) with the focused expression of someone who has endured several hours of trial and error. The third best part of this video is the mustachioed inventor's strange ideas about what goes on at a football game.

[Flame Thrower Gloves via Walyou; JakPak via Billionaire Boys Club]

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