For techies, 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, Calif. is a Mecca of sorts. It's where most of the coolest gadgets, computers, and software of the past two decades was designed and developed. So you could only imagine how insanely awesome it would be to given a keycard and work ID to entire the premises and work for Apple, Inc. To help all those trying to think different enough to get a gig with Steve Jobs and the crew, UK-based tech site ElectricPig have put together their guide for getting a job at Apple.

Seemingly half serious, half tongue-in-cheek, the guide presents some pretty interesting ideas like, how to get yourself head-hunted:

Want to leapfrog straight into product development? Prove your chops with hardware Apple is interested in. That’s how Hugo Fiennes went from Warwick University in the UK, to Rio and then to Apple where he heads up iPhone hardware development: By proving a long-standing and intricate knowledge of the ARM hardware at the heart of the iPhone. You can read Fiennes’ story here (PDF link).

It’s easier than it sounds, and getting yourself talent-spotted is often a direct route into the Cupertino campus. In the earlier days of Apple, recruiting was often done on the recommendations of existing employees and while there are more spaces to fill now, Apple still places emphasis on referrals.Apple staff are usually happy to recommend newbies for upcoming jobs (as long as you have the relevant experience and skills, of course), and they even get a payment for the privilege.

There's a bunch of other helpful tips for how to land a job at the most desirable companies in the world. Want to learn more? Of course you do. Read the rest of the guide HERE and, uh, good luck.

[Crunch Gear via Electric Pig]