Man, do we love details (no over-the-hill men's magazine)—and today Nintendo coughed 'em up, announcing all kinds of specifics about their new handheld, the 3DS. The basics: it'll be released on March 27 and retail for $250 (well, $249.99). That’s a tough price to swallow for a handheld, but it’s not entirely unexpected; speculation was pegging the device nearer to $300. As we already know, the unit has the glasses-free 3D gaming, takes 3D pictures and 3D video, and has wireless access to a downloadable games store. It also includes the charging cradle (presumably to offset the short battery life). Yes, it'll require those horrible friend codes Nintendo insists on for multiplayer connection, but only one! Baby steps, we guess. Nintendo promises around 30 game titles between its March release and the 2011 E3 Expo in June—many of which are first-party offerings we'd already heard about (Kid Icarus reboot, Mario Kart 3D, etc.), but many from great outside publishers and franchises (Madden 12, Super Street Fighter IV, Driver, and Splinter Cell, e.g.—all in 3D!). The 3DS' official site is up now, so check it out and let us know your thoughts: Early adoption, or wait and see? [Wired]

By Richie Procopio