For those of you who stilll can't get enough Commander Shepard action, BioWare has announced that while their daily posting of Cerberus news updates will cease at the end of this month, there will be more downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 coming this year. Man, they'd better not mean Mass Effect 3. [IGN]

Just so Playstation 3 and PSP owners can get the mopey looks off their faces, Angry Birds is set to be released in this week's Playstation Store update.  Now EVERYONE can know how nightmarish a pig's vindictive grunts sound when you've spent 20 minutes trying to knock an ice pillar onto its head. [Kotaku]

Adafruit Industries held a contest rewarding $3,000 to the first person to hack the Xbox Kinect.  The contest spawned a deluge of creative hacks and mods, some of which didn't even involve sex. [Uproxx]

A news item of monumental impact: Super Mario 64 has been beaten in just over five minutes. How this managed to not make the front page of the Times we have no idea. Stupid lamestream media! [YouTube]

G4TV has posted the best bloopers from Casey Schreiner's "MMO Report." At least we think it's G4—without Kevin Perreira and Oliva Munn exchanging razor-sharp barbs, it's so hard to tell! [G4TV]

By Richie Procopio