Japan doesn’t waste time with subtlety when it comes to pop culture. Sure, that may sound like a crass generality, but if you’ve ever been to Mario’s birthplace, you’d see what we mean: panty vending machines in the streets, hentai at the newsstands, and paper-thin movie plots at the cinemas. And Marvelous’ latest browser-based game finally wipes away any last remaining dingleberries of subtlety: It’s titled Battle Vixens: Legend of the Huge Tits Struggle. No, seriously, we're not making this up. Effective, simple marketing, yes? And it got us thinking: what if other video games just ditched the fluffy titles and got straight to the point? If you saw the name “Contra”, would you really know what it was about just from the title alone? “Bioshock” doesn’t say much either. It sounds cool, but it doesn’t have that “Huge Tits Struggle” ring to it. So let’s rename some other games to better reflect what they’re REALLY all about.