Network: FX
Stars: Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Danny DeVito
Complex co-sign: First of all: Sunny has taken a hit, there's no denying that. It still has the same dark comedy, the manic pace, and the hilariously narcissist characters, but it’s just not as constantly funny as it has been in the past. There are dead spots now. But that’s OK, because the show still has moments when it’s funnier than anything else on TV, like when the gang throws what becomes a coke party to figure out who knocked up Dee, or when Mac fights gay marriage because his hot tranny ex found a new dude after having her penis removed, or when Mac and Dennis screen their homemade Lethal Weapon 5 sequel (with Mac in blackface!) for kids. It's not always sunny, but when the sun comes out, it's scorching hot.