playboyharddrive-1You can now stop rummaging through your dad's collection of Playboy and cop the entire collection for yourself. Hugh Hefner and Co. has partnered with Bondi Digital to cram 57 years of titties and ass one of the most groundbreaking magazines ever published into one 250GB hard drive for $300. []

Speaking of Playboy, one of its former cover girls (and also one of Complex's) was the most popular search term on Take a wild guess. [Mashable]

Taking a break from searching for terrorists and imposing ever-stricter airport security protocols, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have shut down 82 websites for alleged copyright violations. These are your tax dollars at work. [PC World]

Microsoft looks to patent touchscreen technology that can touch you back. [Engadget]

Rumors are also swirling that Microsoft wants to launch its own streaming Netflix competitor. Build and destroy—just another day in Redmond, Washington. [PC World]

Everyone's favorite digital whistle-blower, WikiLeaks, dropped another bomb, and the world is going nuts. [NY Times]

A Harvard scientist has found a way to reverse mice. [DVice]

Google Earth Version 6 will include a better integrated Street View, and trees. Trees, people! At this rate, it's soon going to include curtains and bed sheets. [Tech Crunch]

Don't have Apple's AirPlay? Here's how to stream your media to your TV without it. [Life Hacker]