shift2Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit drops today, which seems like perfect timing for the publishers to announce the NEXT game. Yeah, that's right, you can expect NFS: Shift 2 next year. At which point they'll announce NFS: Driving At A Reasonable Speed While In A School Zone. [Need For Speed: Shift 2]

The homie Godfree over at Gamertag Radio rounds up the Black Friday gaming deals early so you can stake out the parking lot of your choice. Let's get ready to staaaaampeeeeeede! [Gamertag Radio]

Another week, another litany of DLC tracks for Def Jam Rapstar. Xbox 360 users, please welcome "Jesus Walks," Young Moolah's "Every Girl," and Eve's "Who's That Girl." Oh, and then instrumentals from some nobodies named Just Blaze and Nitti. Wait, WHUH?! [Def Jam Rapstar]

Word on the skreets is that Activision is shutting down Bizarre Creations, developer of classic XBLA title Geometry Wars and the dope-but-overlooked racer Blur. Don't blame us, we talked it up incessantly! [The Escapist]

Who says Call of Duty games are all about killing? This dude played the entire first level of Black Ops without firing a shot. ...Pussy. [Kotaku]