motorcycleCall of Duty: Black Ops black-opped a new trailer out last night, and the resourceful folks at Computer Video Games have captured a ton of screenshots for tasty info, including the fact that you get to go all Ruff Ryder on a bike. [CVG]

Next year's Mortal Kombat reboot has unveiled its brand-new website, sure to be chock full of videos and information as soon as it can resolve its server issue. Enjoy the placeholder! [Mortal Kombat]

Radio-controller Halo Warthog on deck. Perfect for pestering your roommate when he's getting laid and you're stuck playing with a radio-controlled Halo Warthog! [Joystiq]

Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses, but they do make passes in NBA 2K11. Learn how to do it the right way—and give a chick with glasses a chance! Seriously, the myopia makes their self-esteem shockingly low. [Tech User]

Even MORE Batman: Arkham City screens have been released. At this point, we're not even gonna bother waiting a year for the game, we're just gonna make a flipbook and make little "achivement unlocked" bonging sounds while we watch it. [Gossip Gamers]