We're huge fans of action films, heist flicks, and gangster parades on the silver screen. Now, if all three qualities are combined into not one, but two cinematic injections to the dome? Bonkers! Based on the true stories of multifaceted French criminal Jacques Mesrine, the Jean-François Richet-directed two part series Mesrine has raked in numerous awards and critical acclaim throughout Europe. Well, it's finally time for those of us across the Atlantic to see what these Frenchies are raving about! Starring Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Ocean's Thirteen) as the OG gangster, the trailer hints why the film was such a success. While part one (Killer Instinct) has been in theaters since August 27, part two (Public Enemy #1) hits select theaters this weekend. Peep it above, and look out for this film.

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