bulletstormSo EA just wrapped up their press conference at Gamescom, and apaprently Dude Huge gave the crowd a bloodgasm with some new footage from Bulletstorm. Guess which words we made up in that last sentence! [YouTube]

Holy crap, this dude made an insanely intricate paper model of Dog from Half-Life 2. In related news, we once used an origami crane to get a handy from some chick in our women's studies class. [The Papercraft Blog]

The Wii's coming out with a tablet peripheral for a drawing game? FUCK YO' IPAD, SON! [Gamasutra]

That people use Twitter to act like alter egos is not a surprise. That they choose characters from Mass Effect to do that with is...well, it is. #falseshepard #canyoumakeabiblejokeinahashtag [Elder Geek]

Wait, Mario Kart 64 has a "game over" screen? And Toad crashes? Can it get any better than that? [Gaming Bolt]


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