What do smart people do all day? Turns out it's mess around on Twitter, just like the rest of us. A new Harvard x Northeastern study mapped emotional words used throughout the day to give a picture of how people wake up, eat lunch, and party, all while documenting it at 140 characters per shot. [New Scientist]

In a world obsessed with trading up, this kid is a hero. He bartered a cell phone for a Porsche. [CNN]

The Google Nexus One phone = no more. Even Jordan missed a few shots. [Bright Hand]

The iPhone 4 maybe maybe maybe is coming to T-Mobile in Q3 of this year. [Engadget]

Have you started using Google Chrome yet? Here's what comes with the new Chrome 6. Oh, and if you're really smart/bored, Google is offering $3,000 for any critical security flaws you can find in the programming. [CNET]

The marketing genius boys over at G4 just sold Sprint on turning the channel into "4G" for the week. Wow. [NY Times]