The original tattoo cultures (Maoris notwithstanding) were sailors, soldiers, and prisoners—all communities that bonded through danger and a sense of mortality. And then there’s gamers, a community brought together by virtual danger and a sense of mortality that’s alleviated by the Konami Code. The only bids most of us Dualshock warriors have served was in the prison section of Metal Gear Solid 3. Still, it takes some serious guts to get a full canvas of Mario World on your back. Or a horrorshow Silent Hill quote on what we can only guess is your stomach. Or Pac-Man munching on your ass. Yes, let it be said that we admire the dedication of our fellow gamers. So much so, in fact, that we hunted high and low for the proof of their dedication. And if it’s any consolation, there’s one prison that they’ll experience: the life sentence of having a picture of a pink Mistress Chief on their not-quite-toned abdomen.