If you've been watching the Starz network's addictive gladiator series Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Friday nights, you already know the most important thing about the beautiful actresses Erin Cummings, Viva Bianca, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Katrina Law: They all get naked. Like, really, really naked. Take off that pesky SafeSearch and Google it. But now that you've seen them in their bare brilliance, get to know them a little bit. Think of it as pillow talk after a one-night stand. Read on below to find out who the hot women on Spartacus: Blood and Sand are...


Character: Sura, wife of Spartacus
Where she's from: Huntsville, Texas
Other notable projects: She's appeared in cool shows like Dollhouse and Nip/Tuck, played a prostitute on Star Trek: Enterprise, and rolled around naked for a lesbian sex scene on Dante's Cove, but our favorite is definitely her cleavage-popping chicks-with-guns B-movie homage Bitch Slap. We've got baby powder for her palm whenever she's ready.
What you should know: With a last name like Cummings, you would think we'd be featuring her in This Week In Adult Film History, but this smart Cookie (that's her nickname) was getting a degree in Journalism before she started acting, not going for higher degrees of difficulty and filth. She did appear in the May 2009 issue of Playboy Magazine, but sadly she kept her clothes on. Thankfully Spartacus is dedicated to historical accuracy (or so the lead-in caution says) and that's required that she be naked more often than not. To check out Complex's interview with Cummings at Comic-Con, click here.


Character she plays: Ilithyia, noble daughter of senator Albinius and wife of Roman army legatus Gaius Claudius Glaber
Where she's from: Melbourne, Australia
Other notable projects: We're not that familiar with Australian films, television, and theater to speak on her career, but on title alone we'd have to say her thriller Bad Bush and series The Strip are hair-raising, must-see masterpieces.
What you should know: Bianca was born Viva Skubiszewski but the last name of her father, Polish composer Cezary, is apparently too difficult for most people to pronounce. Personally, it's one of many things of hers we'd happily attempt to roll off our tongues.


Character: Naevia, personal slave of Lucretia
Where she's from: Cape Town, South Africa
Other notable projects: She's best known in New Zealand, where her family moved in 1999 and she starred in the hit comedy series Diplomatic Immunity, a "cultural fish-out-of-water tale" about a New Zealand diplomat of European ancestry sent to babysit the Fe'ausian consulate staff. If you love "black people do this but white people do this!" jokes you'll absolutely love "Polynesians do this but white people do this!" jokes.
What you should know: Before she got into acting, Brandt, who is fluent in Afrikaans and used to play hockey, was a model and an IT recruitment consultant. We can only imagine how many tech dorks lined up to show her their masterful keystrokes.


Character: Mira, slave of Quintus Lentulus Batiatus and Lucretia
Where she's from: New Jersey
Other notable projects: In addition to commercials for products like Degree deodorant, Xbox, and Pepsi, she has also appeared on Chuck and Third Watch. We hope her chemistry with Lucy Lawless, who plays Lucretia, soon leads to a pilot for Law and the Lawless.
What you should know: A member of The National Honors Society, Law wasn't too brainy to participate in beauty pageants: She repped New Jersey at the Miss Teen USA finals after taking the crown in her home state. She won't reveal the source of her multiracial good looks, though, saying only that her dad, "a Catholic of German and Italian decent serving in the U.S. armed forces," and mom, "a Buddhist living in Taiwan, working as a bartender" met during the Vietnam War. Truly a mystery we'd love to get to the bottom of.


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