COMEDY: SOUTH PARK, 10 PM, COMEDY CENTRAL South Park's 200th episode, and it's been funnier than The Simpsons for at leat 75% of that run (shots fired!). Speaking of shots fired, tonight's episode features appearances from every celebrity SP has mocked. Yup, all 200 of 'em.

TALK: The God Tracy Morgan on Leno (11:35, NBC), and Green Day visit Jimmy Fallon (12:35, NBC).

MOVIE: CONAN THE BARBARIAN, 9:35 PM, ENCORE Arnold, James Earl Jones, and Sandahi Bergman, FTW.

SPORTS: NHL PLAYOFF HOCKEY, 7 & 10 PM, VERSUS Wanna know a secret? The NHL has the best playoffs of any pro sport. It all starts tonight with Ottawa @ the defending world champion Pittsburgh Penguins at 7, followed by regional action, either Detroit @ Phoenix or Colorado @ San Jose, both at 10.