The Bushmaster ACR is rapidly becoming a fan favorite in Modern Warfare 2, and with the new map pack dropping soon, its popularity is sure to increase even more so. Negligible recoil, great iron sights, and crazy range? Yes, please! In fact, because of MW2, the ACR is already becoming infamous in real life. It's just the latest in a long line of weapons with fanboys.

See, just as video games develop hardcore fans, so do the weapons in those games. You can't stop it, it's nature—like bees drawn to a certain pollen, or a professional golfer drawn to a certain porn star with a penchant for DPs. Scientists say (at least they do in our minds) that nostalgia and undeniable badassness combine to create an intoxicating effect, resulting in the reverence of certain in-game implements that take on a legendary quality.
Some of them may not be the most powerful ones available, but they've attained a strong following one way or another. How strong? Well, we may not be cosplayers hanging around the anime cons, but we wouldn't mind having the real versions of these tools of destruction...


GAME: Super Mario Bros. (and just about every Mario platformer thereafter)
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Mario's fireball is one of the 8-bit generation's first iconic projectiles. That first time when you attain the Fire Flower turns your whole World 1 upside down. Who needs to stomp on Goombas when you can just incinerate 'em?
COMPLEX SAYS: Everyone has nostalgic fondness with Mario's balls—even models who say that they love video games, despite the fact that their last gaming experience was with SMB 20 years ago. But hey, at least you have SOMETHING in common with a model.



GAME: Castlevania
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Another throwback weapon from the 80's. When we weren't picking food out of our braces or trying to manually change the color on our Hypercolor t-shirts, we were whipping the undead with the Vampire Killer. And the more you powered up the whip, the longer it got. Uh...
COMPLEX SAYS: If only our family heirlooms were this sweet: the Belmont lineage has a nice little tradition of slaying Dracula with the Vampire Killer whip throughout the Castlevania series. Simon Belmont, one of the most featured Belmont family members, didn't even need pants to re-kill Dracula.



GAME: Contra
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: This is was arguably the best gun in the game. If you weren't punking out by using the Konami code to get your 30 lives, this was one of the few things that kept the Continue Screen away.
COMPLEX SAYS: Spreadfire is the Slap Chop of video games—it just makes your life 100% easier. Especially in Contra, where a dozen simultaneous projectiles and enemies are trying to take all 3 (or 30, you cheater) of your lives.



GAME: Doom
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: If you know what the abbreviation stands for, you know why every old-school FPS fan loves this boomstick.
COMPLEX SAYS: Scarface would have ended very differently if Tony had the BFG9000 in the big shootout. This gun wipes out almost every damn enemy on the screen: One shot, 8+ kills. Even those big bad Hell Knights start to regret not signing up for After-Life Insurance when they see you aiming the BFG at them.



GAME: Final Fantasy VII (and the prequel, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Cloud's main sword was the most famous weapon in the JRPG that created a million fanboys/girls worldwide. Gamers instantly connected with Cloud, hence the Buster Sword became an instant hit.
COMPLEX SAYS: "LOL PHALLIC" comments aside, this sword is a freakin' beast. Not even a Polish weightlifter could rock this thing as a weapon in real life.



GAME: Counter Strike
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: It's an overpowered sniper rifle—nothing elicits more ragecursing from an opponent than getting AWPed. One shot, one kill, that's the deal.
COMPLEX SAYS: There's a thin line between love and hate. And there aren't many things you'll hate more than going up against a skilled AWP whore who can quickscope (or no-scope). But if that skilled AWP whore is you, then it's just pure bliss knocking off the opposing player's block from across the map, over and over and over and over. And over. Again.



GAME: Gears of War
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: It doesn't get much more hardbody than this (ayo!). Assault rifle x chainsaw = instant shred cred. And yes, dozens of people have now made real life versions of the Lancer.
COMPLEX SAYS: This gun is the LeBron of game weapons. King James can drop dimes and throw down tomahawks; the Lancer can shoot from afar AND shred up close. Just in case your shots missed that Locust around the corner, just edge him up with a chainsaw to the neck.



GAME: The God of War franchise
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Admit it: at some point, you've daydreamed about having giant blades attached to your arms.
COMPLEX SAYS:Kratos is constantly reminded of his pledge to the Olympian gods every time he checks his watch. The blades are literally seared to his arms, so he has to wear them when he goes to the john, camps out all night for Space Jams, or goes through airport security. OK, fine, we admit it: Maybe if you're not fighting your way up Mount Olympus to kill Zeus, they're a little extra. But just a little.



GAME: Devil May Cry
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Dante brought true style to video game gunplay with his dual wielding and behind-the-back shots. Ebony and Ivory are his trademark M1911-style handcannons, bringing racial harmony to all kinds of soon-to-be corpses.
COMPLEX SAYS: Word to Stevie Wonder, we've always been down with the swirl.



GAME: The Half Life franchise
WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: It's a fucking CROWBAR. In the near-future, you can beat the crap out of aliens and enemy soldiers WITH A CROWBAR. Everyone needs to blow off a little steam by virtually assaulting enemies with a blunt object. Y'know, like a CROWBAR.
COMPLEX SAYS: Sure, Gordon's got his Gravity Gun—which is dope in its own right—but that doesn't satisfy our primal urges as effectively as this archaic piece of metal. Master Chief? Needs a battle rifle to take on aliens. Marcus Fenix? Needs a gun with a chainsaw attached to it. Gordon Freeman? Homie only needs his horn-rimmed glasses and a crowbar to the head(crab) FTW!