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Back in January, during his self-imposed exile, Kanye West apologized for the "slow posting" on his model, design and rant-filled KanyeUniversecity blog and announced, to the surprise of many, that he was working on an entirely new blog. We thought the man who claimed Twitter offered everything he needed less of would be working to limit on his online presence.

However, after a month or so of speculating and waiting, 'Ye finally launched his new site, KanyeWest.com on February 24th with his new video for "Coldest Winter" and an awesome photo of his arm piece, Amber Rose, recreating Jean-Paul Goude's photo of model Grace Jones (which, by the way, was an out take from a Complex shoot that 'Ye specially requested for the new site). Not a shabby start. But is it better than the site that landed on many top blogs list and was quoted on gossip sites, TV shows and magazines? A month into its existence we put together a a comparison of how Kanye's blogs match up so far...


KANYEWEST.COM: All-black everything? Nah, 'Ye's off that. His new site sports a super-clean, all-white background that we're guessing was put in place to show that he's a changed man. Or something. Beyond the celestial background though, the site is a lot less cluttered, with posts appearing in a tumblr format and category buttons appearing at the top, but only when you scroll over them. The images, however, are huge and, while they look great, are a lot when trying to scroll through the page.

KANYEUNIVERSECITY: Predating the explosion of ning artist sites, the Universecity was a go-to for everything Yeezy, including tour dates, photos, links for purchase, and even a message board to discuss it all. With a black background and brightly colored links, the Universecity was a Kanye West amusement park, replete with fancy flash navigation. One of its more original functions was a calendar, allowing users to jump directly to any date's entries.



KANYEWEST.COM: A Tumblr-like site, KanyeWest.com is easy to navigate and even easier to become accustomed to. There are only two or three posts per page and the categories at the top of the page make it easy to jump from interest to interest. The site also developed its own video player, which would mean Kanye (or someone) would have to the take time to upload anything he wanted to share. It does not, however, seem to have a search function.

KANYEUNIVERSECITY: Though somewhat visually cluttered when compared to kanyewest.com, the Universecity was easier for fans and readers to navigate. On top of the more manageable picture sizes, there's a reliable search window. And as we mentioned earlier, Kanye threw in a calender widget off to the right that lets you click a date to see all the posts for that day, making it super easy to find a post.



KANYEWEST.COM: As it's phantom category links would suggest, kanyewest.com will cover pretty much the same things KanyeUniverseity did, with the notable exclusion being "Rants", and the notable addition being the "My Camera" category which so far only has an image of a Givenchy shirt and, ironically, a rant. As yet, the majority of the posts are art, girls and fashion related. One noticeable addition to his new site is a custom video player. On his Univercity blog, Kanye was known to throw videos from a host of different sites—even if they were his videos. Now, he has a clean, streamlined video player than he (or whoever he's paying) can upload his own videos for his fans to watch.

KANYEUNIVERSECITY: Within the Universecity, Kanye has big-upped everything from airplane designs to old R&B videos, posting music from artists he'd never met to songs he produced himself (usually after they'd already appeared on NahRight). Whether a platform to share his varied design interests with the world or a place to focus them, the universecity plays host to any and everything Kanye sees artistic merit in.



KANYEWEST.COM: The new site has only hosted one so far and though steeped in motivation and titled, "Creativity,". The presentation itself, giant faded gold text embedded on what reads like an e-scroll, could be labeled pretentious, but you know what? It looks cool. Many voiced their frustration at this new style: NahRight titled a post "Kanye's New Blog Makes It Virtually Impossible For Us To Take A Screen Shot Or Copy Paste It". We think that's the whole point.

KANYEUNIVERSECITY: As probably the only time we were sure it was Kanye piloting the blog, Ye's rants (most of which have been erased) were explosive. Whether defending his decision to make concert goers wait hours for a performance or just airing out closed minded fashion bloggers, you could count on the blog for Yeezy raw, misspelled and uncut.


COMPLEX SAYS: Though it's slightly harder to navigate, the new site has a better url (for whatever that's worth) and looks leaps and bounds better than the old blog. In addition, 'Ye is actually making much of the content himself by creating GIFs and manipulating images in photoshop (in addition to adding the frames to pre-existing work) to create a blog which, in and of itself, is an organic and ever changing piece of art, rather than an aggregator of dope Swedish chairs. The photos are large and beautiful, its design is unobstructed by unneeded graphics, and now that his rants are well-designed images instead of text. Plus they spell checked!


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