Think toe-poking one into the old onion bag is S&M slang for a kick in the balls? You don't have to be a slang-spewing fan of the Beautiful Game to enjoy director Tom Hooper's flick about English soccer/football manager Brian Clough's contentious 44-day stint running the Leeds United team in 1974. The story, which is adapted from novelist David Peace's bestselling (and largely fictionalized) account of how Clough's ego and ambition led to bitter rivalries and alienated his friends and players, is an engrossing character study powered by Michael Sheen's (Frost/Nixon, The Queen) brilliant portrayal of the manager.

In extra time, there are worthwhile features, including commentary with Hooper, Sheen, and producer Andy Harries, deleted scenes with optional director's commentary, "Cloughisms" with optional director's commentary, and the featurettes "Perfect Pitch: The Making Of The Damned United," "Creating Clough: Michael Sheen Takes on 'Old Big 'Ead'," "Remembering Brian," and "The Changing Game: Football in the Seventies." So, even if you think nutmegging someone means busting off on them, you're sure to get a kick out of The Damned United. Keep reading to see the Buy It Now link and watch the trailer...

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