Left-4-deadTITLE: LEFT 4 DEAD 2


FUN FACT: While many of the most violent video games are no exception, Left 4 Dead 2 found itself being played with much bloody and gory enjoyment except for Australia which put a ban on the much anticipated sequel.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: While we're fans of first person shooters, what's the point of buying the same "run for your fucking life" game? Not having played the first Left 4 Dead and really only being fans of the Zombie Nazis mini game in Call of Duty, we stepped into the Left 4 Dead 2 world with a little bit of skepticism but left with a lot of smilies- and some new underwear.

STORY: Well like we said, it's survival. Infected people running around trying to kill you and your friends and kill you. Of course every character has their background story but the main objective of the game is to live and reach a final extraction point.

GAMEPLAY: What's cool about Left 4 Dead 2 is unlike other zombie games it gives you the Infected versus mode where you play as a boss zombie out to kill the survivors you play as in other modes. The other modes include Scavenge, Versus, Survivor, Campaign, and Realism. We really like realism. Sometimes there are just too many moments in these games where we find we some how survived an onslaught of enemies with very little bullets. Realism mode makes things a bit harder and requires a bit more communication between you and your fellow survivors.

Speaking of which, Left 4 Dead 2's greatest aspect is probably the multiplayer. The game itself is fun but who the hell wants to fight zombies on their own? And more importantly who wants to really sleep by themselves after that? The Complex Crew roles deep so when we play video games, everyone has to like the game. This game provides the rush and awesome time that even your noob team mate can enjoy. Especially with the game's "A.I. Director".

The AI in this title is ridiculous. Depending on how well you and you're team are doing it will switch things up. Things going too well? More zombies, less ammo. Things going too bad? It will make things easier for you and your crew of softies broskis.

GRAPHICS: If the sequel to a game's graphics don't improve, it's really a let down. Thankfully that problem doesn't occur. While it's not the spitting image of New Orleans (and let's face it, most games aren't the spitting image of squat) the graphics do pay good homage to the southern city even whilst covering it in blood and brains.

DOWNSIDE:Unfortunately like we said, this is a zombie survival game. So like many other games in that genre it doesn't have much to offer in terms of story and depth. This is a game you'll probably never play on your own, but you got friends right? Oh you don't? Shit.