It's hard to believe that one year ago today, we had no fucking idea who Sarah Palin was. The Alaska Gov burst onto the scene on August 29, 2008, when Johnny Mac announced her as his running mate in a last-ditch effort to garner votes from both disgruntled female Hillary Clinton supporters (didn't work) and sexually-repressed, science-hating Republican males (worked like a charm!).

The prospect of her holding higher office still scares the shit out of us, but we'll always love SP for giving us unlimited fodder for hilarious blog posts. Yesterday, Palin officially stepped down from her Governorship (a move which is no doubt a part of her greater world domination scheme), so we started getting nostalgic—take a look back at some of Our Favorite Sarah Palin x Complex Moments below...

#5: The Complex Readers Say Sarah Palin Deserves Trifey Status
Original Post: Wifey Or Trifey: Sarah Palin (11/3/08)
• The day before the election, Complex held their own vote with a special Palin edition of our regular "Wifey or Trifey?" feature. After examining the evidence, you the Complex readers came down firmly on the side of Trifey (Sorry, Todd). Rumor has it she was so upset about these results that she didn't realize she had lost the national election until Thanksgiving.

#4: John Brown's Sarah Palin Love Song
Original Post: John Brown Lays Pipe To Sarah Palin (9/12/08)
• Fresh off her coming out party at the Republican Convention, White Rapper Show alumni John Brown releases his hilarious love song "Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)," complete with a music video. We loved it so much that we asked JB to be's regular political columnist.

#2: Complex Gives The Governor Career Counseling
Original Post: 5 New Career Choices for Sarah Palin (7/6/09)
• Upon seeing Palin's nonsensical (even for her) press conference earlier this month, where she announced her resignation from Alaska's Governorship, we were left with a buring question: what's next? To help her out in the transition, we whipped up this list of potential new gigs that would keep the hockey mom busy.

#2: Palin Family Streetwear
Original Post: Streetwear For The McCain Campaign (9/26/08)
• When the campaign was raging, all the cool-guy clothing companies were churning out t-shirt designs in support of Obama. But what if things were the other way around? Complex created some McCain/Palin-themed parodies of famous streetwear t-shirt designs, including this classic.

#1: Sarah Palin...The Rapper?
Original Post: Vice President Rap Battle: Sarah Palin Vs. Joe Biden (9/30/08)
• On the eve of the Vice Presidential Debate, Complex imagined what might happen if they decided to face off in an MC battle instead. Sample lyric: "Ask Todd, you gettin' sodomized with this Idita-rod / I drop them dogs, now you lookin' like Mike Vick's backyard / Straight mauled by a pit bull in high heels and Revlon / Giuliani's wet dream, I'm right-wing, you dead wrong." Fiyahhh!.

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