Stevie Nicks Speaks on Fleetwood Mac, Kanye West, and Rihanna


After a three-year break, Fleetwood Mac is heading back out on tour starting in April. In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Stevie Nicks talked about how the reunion came about, and she also got into conversation about Kanye being a fan and Rihanna becoming a pop star. Read a couple excerpts below, and check out the full interview here.

On the Fleetwood Mac Reunion:

“They wanted to go out last year and I still felt that my record In Your Dreams, because of the state of the music business, needed another year. So I put my foot down and said no. And I said no not just because of how I felt about my favorite solo record, but because I felt that, in my opinion, Fleetwood Mac should be off the road for three years because then when we come together it’s an event because you didn’t just see us last year or just see us the year before. So you know there’s all these big ticket bands that go out and who are you going to choose if you just saw us last year? Again, in my opinion, and what our managers have always felt was that staying out of the spotlight for three years is a good number. Three is a good number. So we finished in November 2009 and we are starting in January 2013. It’s perfect. I think it’s perfect, harmonic convergence of exactly when we should be doing this. I think that everybody was not really believing me last year. But I think that now that we’re here, I think that everybody is going like ‘right on Stevie, you were right.'”

On Kanye West being a fan of hers:

“Why does my music touch artists like Kanye West? I would say, a) I didn’t know that but I like him very much and, b) I actually wrote him a letter once after his mom died. I wrote him a three-page letter that was about how I felt about losing his mother and what she must have meant to him and the way that he lost her in such a crazy way. And I never sent it to him because I thought, “Oh, he’ll just think this is stupid and what does this girl want with me and what is she writing about my mother for?” And so I never sent it. So I’m very interested and touched by the fact that you say that there is some love from him towards my music and I might just have to type that letter up and send it off now.”

On why Rihanna should be in a rock band:

“I think that all of the new artists would love it if it was the way it used to be. Let’s use Rihanna as an example because I always say it is so wild that her name is Robyn and you know my best friend’s name was Robin. So I saw her on David Letterman many years ago, and she did a live performance of “Shut Up And Drive” and I said to several different people that this girl could start a rock band. She really could be a rock singer. She could front a really great rock-n-roll band and she should. And of course that didn’t happen, and she became a really big star, but she would probably be happier had she actually done something like that because then she could have had Rihanna with a great band. And then she could have been a rock star and she could have gone to her solo Rihanna and been a pop star. She could have done both like I do. And of course, since we’re not friends and I don’t know her, I wasn’t able to say that to her but I did say it to a lot of other people. It’s a heck of a lot more fun.”

(Huffington Post)