Songs and Sentence Fragments

Here’s some stuff that I’ve been into.

Wavves – So Bored : Probably heard about this guy by now. One man band that creates great pop songs and locks them inside a fuzz box. Often associated with skating.

Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer (Swine Forkbeard Remix)
: This sounds like something I’d really love to listen to drunk. No idea who this Swine Forkbeard is, but he sounds like a pirate and he put Eminem in a Wilco song, so I support him. Forget where I saw this. Let me know if it was at your spot.

Rivers Cuomo – I Don’t Want To Let You Go : From the home recordings of Rivers. Pretty solid song, but I’m still pissed that Rivers won’t let Asher Roth use that “Say It Ain’t So” sample.

Los Campesinos – Ways To Make It Through The Wall : Reminds me of Johnny Foreigner. Guy sings and girl sings. Lots of attitude. A little sloppy. Very cool.

All My Pretty Ones – Do Or Don’t : Gentle acoustic music. Some nice back up singing. Would like to listen to this while camping in the winter. Warm feelings in this one.