Premiere: Cage - "Precipiss"


For a while there, it seemed like we lost “the old Cage.” It wasn’t a bad thing, it’s just how these things sometimes go. Like his friend Kid Cudi, Cage’s evolution has been radical. In appearance and sound, Cage switched things up in drastic fashion, but the basic pillars of Cage were always there, which is why it feels surprisingly natural that he’s back with DJ Mighty Mi for his new album and mixing in elements of his early work. Lyrically and musically he’s more mature, and he’s got a few new styles up his sleeve, but with the upcoming Kill The Architect, Cage will probably win back any fans that he left behind once he moved past Hell’s Winter. “Precipiss” has Cage on his not-giving-a-fuck flow, abandoning his more melodic tendencies for something a little more to-the-point.

Kill The Architect comes out October 22. Pre-order it here.