Loose Ends


I was driving around listening to the new Adele album (good stuff) when I thought about all the music I have on my desktop and I decided it was time for a Loose Ends post when I got home. I detoured for what I thought would be a quick gas stop, but it turned into Stress Fest 2011. This gas station must have been designed by fucking M.C. Escher. There were five entrances, four pumps, cars pulling in from every direction, and an overwhelming aura of madness only heightened by the fact that a small but very angry man (a combination that, more often than not, yields extreme disobedience) was in a verbal argument with the attendant over a pump malfunction.

As I sat there, wedged in between two fucksticks and one assclown, the phrase “Loose Ends” kept cycling in my head. You know when you think something so many times that it starts to lose meaning? That happened, and I started thinking about the origin of the phrase, and what a “Loose End” really was, and maybe instead I should call the post “Leftovers”. At this point, I started to go completely crazy, since my brain lacks direction and is easily jumbled. I considered joining forces with the small angry man for some kind of insurgency, but it was cold, and even worse, windy outside. Eventually, I got to the pump. It spit out 12 cents worth of gas then stopped working.

Fuck my life, fuck you, here’s the Loose Ends post. Suck on it.


New dreamy track from the Danes’ upcoming album Raven in the Grave.