Kodak Black Reacts to the Drake Co-Sign: "You trying to show me you f**k with me or what?"

In a new video piece for BET, 18-year-old Florida rapper Kodak Black speaks on his come-up, addressing everything from his family life to his brushes with the law. An interesting moment comes toward the end, when Kodak reacts to getting co-signed by Drake.

Back in October of 2015, as Kodak’s buzz was starting to spread far past Florida, Drake posted an Instagram video of himself dancing to “SKRT.” The co-sign helped direct even more attention to Kodak, but the teenaged rapper would’ve liked to see a more direct approach.

“I heard about that, but I ain’t know what that did. But I just know that’s Drake, so… You trying to show me you fuck with me or what? We ain’t never talked on the phone though. Like, he was texting me and shit. I’m direct with it, so if you’re trying to show me that you fuck with me, call me. Throw me on your album so I can get me some royalties.”

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