Kanye West - Heartless into Pinocchio's Story (Live Video)

I just watched Kanye perform on SNL and damn, that second performance was real. In case you missed it, he did “Heartless” into “Pinocchio Story”, similar to this video from 12/09. I’m gonna post up the SNL version when it’s out.

“It’s so crazy, crazy… Everything in the world figured out, but I can’t figure out what true love is about… There are no clothes that I could buy to turn back the hands of time. There are no vacation spots I could fly to bring back a piece of real life. Real life. I ask you tonight what does it feel like? What does it feel like? I ask you tonight what does it feel like to live a real life? I just wanna be a real boy. Pinocchio’s story goes…”

That shit isn’t hidden in puzzle piece lyrics or draped with an ego. It’s crazy to hear something so honest and real from someone so huge. It brings up a Michael Jackon-esque point of view of someone so talented and so appealing to millions of people but still missing out on the simple pleasures that we all take for granted. We aren’t all super rich and super famous, but would you really want to be? Think about what you do have. Respect to Kanye for this shit.