How Can You Call This Work? P&P's First Night at SXSW 2016

hypehotelfinal (1)


hypehotelfinal (1)

Last night was crazy. The Pigeons & Planes team is currently recovering in our Airbnb, looking through pictures from last night, and realizing how amazing it really was.

We took over the Hype Hotel at SXSW with a lineup featuring AlunaGeorge, Tunji Ige, Kacy Hill, Jones, Petite Noir, and Kill J. The performers all killed it, but we knew they would. Part of what was so great about the night was the energy of the audience. Other artists like Pusha T, Pell, WebsterX, Brockhampton, and Gianni Lee came through to see some music and show support, and we met with so many young, creative people who were in Austin to have fun, make real-life connections, and see good music.

We’ll be here until Sunday, and we can only hope that the rest of the week goes as well as last night. Thank you to all the performers and everyone who came through.

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