Childish Gambino Takes Asian Girl Obsession To Tumblr, Releases New Material


Not sure how to explain this one. We all know Donald Glover, er, Childish Gambino has a thing for Asian girls. He’s very open about it in his music. With his Camp album dropping on November 15, he’s now in promo mode. But his tactics are a little, ehrm, different? Okay, they’re straight up weird. According to Sunset in the Rearview, he’s apparently taken on the role of an Asian girl and started a Tumblr that he’s been linking to from his own Tumblr and Twitter.

The Tumblr is pink, and filled with puppies, anime, babies, and gifs. It’s very cute. Buried in it is new Childish material including pictures, videos, and this song “All The Shine,” which is unfinished.

UPDATE: According to Donald’s Twitter:

“The “All the Shine” that’s going around isn’t the “Camp” album version. It’s a live, in studio version I did in NYC about a month ago.”

DOUBLE UPDATE: Hear the final version of this song over at okayplayer

Childish Gambino – All the Shine by OMGosh!

Visit the Tumblr here. Hit the jump to watch a video featuring another track and for the Camp tracklist…


  1. Outside

  2. Fire Fly

  3. Bonfire

  4. All The Shine

  5. Letter Home

  6. Heartbeat

  7. Backpackers

  8. L.E.S.

  9. Hold You Down

  10. Kids (Keep Up)

  11. You See Me

  12. Sunrise

  13. That Power