808s and Heartbreak: Songs Kanye Sampled

Here are some of the songs that Kanye sampled to make 808s and Heartbreak. Interesting to see what kind of music Kanye drew from. Thanks to Dunce for bringing this to my attention. In a recent interview Kanye said his apartment was too nice to listen to rap in. I can imagine him sitting on his designer furniture sipping some expensive imported drink that he doesn’t know how to pronounce and listening to Patrick Doyle’s “Kissing in the Rain”. All while crying, of course. Thanks to HHIR for the original post.

The Alan Parsons Project – Ammonia Avenue (“Heartless”)
Patrick Doyle – Kissing in the Rain (“Robocop”)
Nina Simone – See Line Woman (“Bad News”)
Tears for Fears – Memories Fade (“Coldest Winter”)