Get To Know: Flow-Fi, The Internet's Most Exciting New Electronic Music Label

Get to know Flow-Fi, an international electronic music label and collective of 17 artists who


By Constant Gardner & Cedar

The Flow-Fi collective aren't important just because they're making fantastic, genre-melding music, they're important because they stand as proof of the strange, beautiful, and totally positive power the internet can have in regards to music. Flow-Fi is a collective of 17 producers, DJs, and all-round music lovers spread all over the world. With members on both coasts of America, all over Europe, and in Australia, they're truly international, and even though most of them have never met in person, their teamwork, camaraderie, and genuine appreciation for each other as artists and as people becomes quickly clear.

The seeds of Flow-Fi were sown over social media when aywy. (based in Australia and pronounced A-Y), Fortune (Los Angeles), and subdaio (New Jersey) started talking about forming a collective of producers. Shortly after, aywy. brought up his idea of starting a label called Flow-Fi, and just like that, something great was born. Flow-Fi now has over twenty thousand followers on Soundcloud, and their songs have tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of plays. It's especially impressive when you discover that the label was only formed in February of 2014.

Everyone talks to each other, so the chemistry is dope even though we all haven't physically met.

In just eight months, the members of Flow-Fi have created something tangible and real—a movement—even though their home is on the internet and their collaborations take place almost all through the ether. "We have Skype calls where ten of us are in there together just talking about everything but music," aywy. tells us. "When we get serious, it's just two artists working on ideas on the side, getting on Skype, and getting creative. Everyone talks to each other, so the chemistry is dope even though we all haven't physically met."

Although there is no set criteria for being a part of Flow-Fi, aywy. points out that being versatile while retaining a distinct personality are traits everyone in the collective share. "New members need to compliment the team as well as offer something different, so we're all continuously inspired by one another," he says. Of course, making a personal connection is important, too. Flow-Fi isn't just a label, it's a group of friends and fans of each other's music—if they love what an artist is doing, they'll reach out to them; it's as simple as that.

I'm not sure if we've got our own 'sound' yet an emphasis on bass heavy soul music.—aywy.

While artistic versatility is central to the group's identity, there is also a common thread that runs through Flow-Fi's output. It's electronic, but mostly it maintains that vital human element, a sense of organic creation and experimental whimsy that contrasts so much of the formulaic dance music pumped out from festival main stages and radio stations. "I'm not sure if we've got our own 'sound' yet," aywy. says, but there is certainly "an emphasis on bass heavy soul music."

With big plans for the future, and a new 13-track compilation that was just released (make sure you go through to the final slide for more on that), it's an exciting time to be part of Flow-Fi. We spoke to the whole crew about how each of them got involved and where they hope to take their music in the future. From Australia to America, via Russia and France, get to know each of Flow-Fi's uniquely talented and creative members.

2. aywy.

Soundcloud link:

Location: Sydney, Australia

aywy., the co-founder of Flow-Fi, was releasing music under Flow-Fi before it really even existed, but with the communal energy of Fortune, subdaio, and each new member, he has helped create something vital and vibrant.

A joint project with Ekali is scheduled for later this year, and aywy. is planning a deep house EP for 2015. Below, he explains what makes Flow-Fi unique, how he juggles running the label with his other responsibilities, and his plans for the future.

How is Flow-Fi different from other labels or collectives?

Diversity would be the first thing that comes to mind. Our artists don't have just one lane, everyone can dip their hands into everything. People really mess with our chill shit just as much as our heavy shit. Early in the year, everyone was playing Fortune and Chris's remix of "Work" at all these venues, so we knew people really loved that aggressive sound.

We just went with the label idea and we're fortunate to have the likes of Soulection and Darker Than Wax behind that sound, because we do share a similar musical direction. That and we're all about creative collaboration. Everyone just influences each other, and when two or more artists get together on a song, it's a crazy result. All the guys on Flow-Fi are low-key crazy too!

Do you work on Flow-Fi full-time, or is this something you have to make/find time to do?

I think everyone in Flow-Fi has a life outside of music, but we're all very involved in what we do. We've got school and work but we make time. I'm currently taking a semester off to focus on music for a minute though. After we all came together there's definitely been a heavier emphasis on music and we've started taking things a bit more seriously, considering we've heard our music played in cities all around the world. Getting this kind of recognition from the fans this early on is very surreal and motivates us to stay on our grind.

Where do you want Flow-Fi to go in the future?

Flow-Fi Traphouse 2015?! We all want to be in and around the same area in the future so collaboration and growth just comes a bit more naturally. That and maybe have our own official or unofficial thing at a festival like SXSW a year or two down the line. Playing festivals, having our own showcases, beat battles, compilation parties.

We've got some big plans for the future but we're focusing on where we're at now, but all these things are slowly starting to become more likely than we ever expected.


Soundcloud link:

Location: Krasnodar, Russia

"aywy. reached out to me in February when the collective was starting to form because we were really into each other's music at the time. I've been on board since.

"There's nothing big planned yet. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing for now."

8. Chris McClenney (formerly MisterMack)

Soundcloud link:

Location: Maryland, US

"I was first made aware of Flow-Fi through an interaction with Sojuju on Soundcloud in early April 2014. We began talking, and I expressed my respect for the music coming out of the collective. I met the rest of the crew online and the rest is history. I joined in mid-April 2014. I'm also a Soulection artist, joining them in July 2014.

"I'm constantly looking for ways to implement organic sounds and live instrumentation. I've been working to hone my vocal abilities, and I'm planning to bring my voice to the forefront of my new material. My goal is to establish a live-band sound with a comfortable blend of the electronic elements that are common in this scene; but in a meaningful way that people can genuinely connect with. Expect some experimentation."

10. Diversa

Soundcloud link:

Diversa's lush and emotive sound fits in perfectly with the "bass heavy soul music" that Flow-Fi create so well. He is also part of Hegemon and Inspected Records, and is constantly uploading new tracks to his Soundcloud.

You can read a brief recent interview with him here.

12. Ekali

Soundcloud link:

Location: Vancouver, BC

"A few months ago, I discovered Maximus MMC on Soundcloud and hit him up for a collaboration. That manifested itself as our Gucci Mane remix which was released through the label. After that, I began collaborating with the label's founder aywy. A little bit after he and I released our first joint tune, he asked me to join the label.

I want to continue to push genre boundaries. I want to make music that moves people both physically and mentally

"I want to continue to push genre boundaries. I want to make music that moves people both physically and mentally. With my music, I try to combine accessible sounds that people know with less accessible, more complex sounds. I like to slowly wean listeners out of their comfort zone. I want to continue with this philosophy and interact with larger audiences all around the world."

13. EphRem

Soundcloud link:

Location: Manchester, England

"I've been with Flow-Fi rom the beginning, when Rodney (Fortune) asked me to be a part of it over Twitter just after they started the collective. In the future, I hope to take my music to new places."

14. eu-IV

Soundcloud link:

Location: Baltimore, US

"While at a local show, Rvdical The Kid (A&R of Flow-Fi) asked me if I would like to join. It was so loud and my hearing is pretty bad so I believe I turned it down. Months later while hanging out, Rvdical told me Flow-Fi really wanted me on the team and I was shocked. It felt like a missed opportunity I would regret for a long time. I eventually told Rvdical I was down and weeks later he hit me up and said everything is a go. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. It felt like more of a family than a collective.

"My overall goal is to become an established instrumental artist/producer. I want to be remembered and considered one of the greats one day. Also, I would like to produce records for my favorite artists."

16. Fortune

Soundcloud link:

Location: Los Angeles, US

"It all started in February of 2014 when I brought up the idea of a collective to the co-founders aywy. and Subdaio on Twitter. It was an easy transition from an already established friendship with both producers. Through our love for music and the art of expression we were able to make Flow-Fi into what it is today.

"I hope to take my music to a more mainstream audience. Everyone must branch out into their own lane and I feel that I have the ability to channel my music in a diverse manner. Furthermore, I would like to start doing live events and shows. This would be an experience that would definitely help mold me as a more complete artist rather than just a producer."


Soundcloud link:
Location: Brooklyn via Los Angeles, US

"Futurenegade is always busy," aywy. told us, but you can follow her via the Soundcloud above, and check out her mellow electronic and R&B mix below.


Soundcloud link:

Location: New York, US

"I first hit Flow-Fi up after a repost from DIVERSA, who ironically joined after me. I had this tune I was already working on by the name of "Medusa." Unfortunately they weren't adding anymore to the collective at the time, but I think once they released it and saw the responses, the Flow-Fam decided to adopt me onto the roster. It's a moment in my career that I'll never forget. It helped shape me into who I am now.

"I see myself doing this for the rest of my life. No matter what it is, film scoring, studio production, composition, as long as music is dominant in my career I'll be happy for a very very long time. I'd love to expand into more than just a producer. I want to travel and spread the gift of music to those in the world who haven't heard what these independent producers have to offer!"

21. kuma

Soundcloud link:

Location: Los Angeles, US

"My bro Fortune sent me an e-mail in late February of this year asking me to join the crew after they heard my track “elizabeth” in one of Andre Power’s mixes. I was flippin’ out when they told me they heard it in his mix because I had no idea anyone was spinning and listening to my tunes! I have to give a lot of my thanks to him, as well as DJ Complexion for being the ones to put me on, and pretty much create the opportunity for me to join Flow-Fi.

"My main goal for the future is to be able to work on music on my own terms. I’d love not to have to rely on music as a means of living and money. I’m interested in all sorts of art and music so I don’t think I’ll be settling with this electronic sound I’ve got going. Eventually I hope to take my music to film, TV, video games and other media."

23. Maximus MMC

Soundcloud link:

Location: Paris, France

"I met up with aywy. on Twitter while listening to The Future Beats Show by Complexion, back in January 2014. We both had songs playing in the show that night, one after another. We liked each others music, linked up, collaborated and released the track “Lost” two weeks later. aywy. was starting Flow-Fi around the same time (along with subdaio., Fortune, and Tvne) and they asked me if I was keen to join the collective. I did it without any hesitation.

I would love to spread my music worldwide, I want it to be a sort of therapy that somehow helps people in the world.

"I would love to spread my music worldwide, I want it to be a sort of therapy that somehow helps people in the world. I’d also love be more involved in the music scene by doing shows. Being able to connect through music is very important to me, playing live show performances to a crowd is the most enjoyable thing, it gives you inspiration."

24. Nonma

Soundcloud link:

Location: Bordeaux/Biarritz, France

"A few weeks after Flow-Fi was created I received an email from Maximus MMC who asked me if wanted to join the team as a DJ... I was so suprised and excited because I already loved and supported all the members. Above all, I'm a fan of the collective! aywy., also recently named me "A&R" which is great.

"I wish I could play more. I want to d0 more parties and gigs like sojuju does! My main goal is more about becoming a real manager and booker for our roster or other artists in Europe."

25. P A T H

Soundcloud link:

Location: Vermont, US

"I got involved when I met that dude aywy.. We met when he first started the whole Flow-Fi project and he asked me to join. It seemed like a dope opportunity so I jumped on it! I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. Hella glad I joined though… the Flow bros are like my second family, and I couldn’t ask for better brothers and sisters!

The Flow bros are like my second family, and I couldn’t ask for better brothers and sisters!

"I wanna take my music all around the world, I want to tour and spread happiness with my tunes!"

27. Rvdical The Kid

Soundcloud link:

Location: Baltimore, US

"I got into contact with Flow-Fi in March ​through Chris McClenney who I was working with at the time. There was some conversation about him joining the team and at the time he was working on the remix of "Work" with Fortune. Chris introduced me to the team because they were looking for someone who could master the song for them. He linked my "Lord Bills" track and they really dug it. From there Chris and I were gradually added to the team. We released "Ethereal" a few weeks later it was official.

"Currently, I'm re-working two EPs that I lost when my computer got stolen. I'm hoping to get done with them by the beginning of next year. Then I'm planning on releasing a //Fractions EP with Chris McClenney and also planning on getting a lot more shows around the US, most likely a mini tour. Other than that I'm just really focused on making as much quality music as possible and improving my sound."

29. Sh?m

Soundcloud link:

Location: London, England

"aywy. and I have been acquaintances for a while and I had been closely but silently watching Flow-Fi grow and progress. As I was about to email them and try to get on the roster, Rvdical The Kid mentioned me on Twitter and practically offered me a spot on the label. The rest is just sweet, sweet chemistry.

The question is where WON'T I take my music in the future?

"The question is where WON'T I take my music in the future? Not even I have the answer to that... But I like it that way because this "journey" becomes a lot more spontaneous. I'm not saying there isn't a plan in terms of my career but in terms of the music itself? I'd much prefer to let my creativity run freely."

31. Sojuju

Soundcloud link:

Location: Hague, Netherlands

"As far as I can remember, I was invited to join Flow-Fi somewhere around the end of February. That’s when Flow-Fi just started, and that is also when I started focusing on mixing and had my very first gig. Maximus MMC contacted me through Facebook and out of excitement I agreed not knowing what it would bring. Right now I am very happy that I joined this family.

"Currently I’m focused on improving and getting better at what I do. In the future I hope to perform at festivals and overseas, and bring the best entertainment to people in clubs and listeners on Soundcloud."

32. subdaio

Soundcloud link:

Location: New Jersey, US

"Flow-Fi actually happens to be founded between aywy., Fortune, and myself. The idea was something that aywy. had planned for a long time, he was just holding on to it for the right moment. Once he came in contact with Fortune and myself, we all thought that this was a genius idea and went forward with it. It's been eight months since then, and we are making some real noise. We're about to kill shit now!

"I'm hoping to see myself producing for various artists in the industry, especially the likes of Dom Kennedy, Vinny Cha$e, Stalley, and Tory Lanez. I'd also want to see all of us in the collective grow as a whole and just start taking over everything—movies, tours, writing a biography, I just want us to take it all. It'd be pretty cool to have my tracks in a Scorsese or Quarantino movie, too"

34. TVNE

Soundcloud link:

Location: Cleveland, US

"I was there during the creation of Flow-Fi, before it had started. I knew of aywy, personally through music and was also working on a collaboration with Fortune. They asked me to join the collective before it even had a name. Watching the growth of this collective/label has been the best experience.

"I've been laying low from production for over a month solely to work on experimenting with new sounds and finding myself musically. Short term plans for music are to put out new material and keep experimenting and developing as an artist. Long term, I will see what the future brings."

36. The Bitch, Please 20K Compilation

The latest chapter in the Flow-Fi story is the Bitch, Please compilation, released to celebrate hitting 20 thousand followers on Soundcloud. Packed with 13 new and exclusive tracks, it shows us where the crew are at right now, while also demonstrating what a bright future they have ahead of them. Although they've achieved an impressive amount in only nine months, this is just the beginning for Flow-Fi, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

Stream the Bitch, Please compilation below, and grab a free download from Bandcamp here.