A Day in the Life of Awful Records

By Gavin Godfrey

As a music journalist, you can’t really come to know artists until you’ve spent some time in their natural habitat. With that said, when Awful Records’ management team invites you to spend a few hours with the Atlanta-based collective, you’re not quite sure what to expect. Armed with a bottle of Hennessey, a camera, and recorder, I met the crew on a fall Friday at The Barrio, the apartment of rapper Archibald Slim that also functions as one of Awful Records recording studios.

From there, the plan was simple: everyone was going to hop into two cars and meet the rest of the gang over at GAHM’s parents' house in Jonesboro for a barbecue and some recording. Over the course of the next six hours, the plan would change, but the one constant was the Awful artists—they started and ended the day together.

For part one of the Awful Records story, get to know the crew through these photos taken throughout my time with them. Part two of the story is on the way.

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