15 Hilarious Fake Music-Related Facebook Accounts


If you take it upon yourself to start a fake Facebook page about someone who you have no affiliation with, you’re probably a weirdo. Here are 15 examples of that. Click through to see Drake with no eyebrows, Nickelback’s #1 fan, and a Facebook page that compares Adele to Jesus Christ.

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Drake Looks Like A Turtle


Drake’s an easy target. He’s sensitive, he smiles a lot, he has wide set eyes. But instead of trolling the obvious, this Facebook page points out something you may not have noticed: Drake looks like a turtle. Oh, and for good measure, they’ve thrown in a picture of Drake with his eyebrows Photoshopped out.





Fiona Apple: You lazzy ass go back to studio and release a new album NOW!


Before she released The Idler Wheel earlier this year, this Facebook was dedicated to guilting Fiona Apple’s “lazzy ass” into making a new album. The posts were childish, but it obviously worked, because we now have what is arguably Fiona’s best work, and all thanks to posts like this:





Earl Sweatshirt’s Mom


That’s weird, Earl’s mom sounds strangely like a teenage Odd Future fan.




The Bird That Pooped On Kings Of Leon


During a show in St. Louis, a pigeon (swoop!) shat in bassist Jared Followill’s mouth. Kings Of Leon ended the show after only three songs because of the shit-in-mouth incident.

About this page: “Coo coo, Kings of Leon make me want to poo poo! Please suggest my page to all of your friends! See if I can get more fans than those douche bags Kings of Leon. I’m glad I shat on them because they shat on thousands of fans in St. Louis!”


Taylor Swift Reads My Diary


When Taylor Swift isn’t too busy making hits, winning awards, and being all cute with that I-just-got-lemon-juice-in-my-eye look on her face, she’s apparently snooping in thousands of fans’ diaries.

The page is essentially a fan-page, but when the admin isn’t posting pictures of Taylor and drawing little <3’s all over the place, she’s seeking everyday life advice from other “Swifties”:

“Hey Swiftes i need y’all’s help. So y’all know i’m babysitting this weekend, and i need some ideas on how to keep the kids busy. They are twin 3 year old girls. I’m looking for things that i can kind of do with things i don’t really have to go to the store for because i really don’t have time. They have lots and toys and stuff and i’m just looking for some different things to do with them. PLEASE COMMENT YOUR SUGGESTION!♥-Maddie0519”


Nickelback Rox


Fuck the haters, Nickelback rulez! Administrator Andy says, “I love Nickelback..They are da best!! Chad is the best.. :)” Your crew is 91 strong, Andy.



Based God Fucked Your Bitch


Yes, he did.


Adele Is Our Queen


“This page is dedicated to the one and only Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, a page for those who love Adele, not dislike her. If you hate Adele, please get the fuck out in this group and don’t like this page. We want nothing to do with you.”

This page falls somewhere between fan page and cult. At times they post pictures and news of Adele, but they also compare her to Jesus Christ. Fair.




Childish Gambino Smells Kinda Bad


About this page: “Childish Gambino kinda sucks.”

The Internet is usually too dramatic. If something is good, it’s God-level. If something isn’t good, it’s probably the worst thing in the world. This rational Facebook user kept things reasonable, claiming that Childish Gambino smells kinda bad and that he kinda sucks. We applaud his or her restraint.


The Beatles Aren’t Even That Good


There are 6 people in the world who feel that The Beatles are overrated.


Jimi Hendrix Played The Star Spangled Banner The Correct Way


OMG, Jimi’s guitar-playing is epic. Also, fuck war!




Lykke Li Is My Swedish Princess


Ok, this one isn’t hilarious. It’s actually just my personal page. 69 likes, you sluts!


Hey I’m On FB And This Is Crazy But Here’s My Comment So Like It Maybe


I’m not sure why more people aren’t liking/sharing this one. You guys know that by sharing you could become admin, right? Slouches.


Justin Bieber Is Our Boyfriend


This page slowed down for a while because of some personal issues, but they’re back and going strong. Parents just don’t get it.



Can This Potato Get More Likes Than Justin Bieber


The short answer is “No, it can’t,” but with 873,000 likes, this is page offers a glimpse of hope. Honestly, the potato graphic is weak as fuck, and perhaps a tasteful photograph of a real photo would have had a better shot.