The Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now

By Moses Wiener

When working on an original composition, it's paramount for a musician to fluently convey their own personal interpretation of sound, (hopefully) resulting in a fully formed piece that captures whatever ideas and moods they want. However, after recording and toiling over every miniscule detail, tweaking and messing ad infinitum, and then repetitively listening to your efforts over, and over (and over), you may be lucky enough to have finished something that not only you as the musician are happy with but something that other people will enjoy, too.

Putting a mix together serves as a release valve for musicians in some ways, then. Whether you're Duke Dumont playing a party port-side in the Bahamas, or you're Pedestrian and Alix Perez putting together a plethora of tunes on Rinse, and especially if you're a newcomer like Maxo and Žiga Murko—a mix is the perfect way to communicate with anyone willing to listen to you for more than ten minutes.

With music for any occasion, here are the best new mixes streaming right now.


2. Wuki: Diplo & Friends Mix

It's been a minute since Diplo and one of his friends found their way onto our top ten, but here we are with Wuki, previously of the Innerpartysystem trio. Real name Kris Barman, the Denver-based producer played a bevvy of bass-heavy goodies, as many of Diplo's buddies like to do. Expect to hear excellent edits of MIA, Daft Punk, and Nicki Minaj, as well as tunes from Addison Groove, RL Grime, and loads more.

3. Duke Dumont: Holy Ship Private Island Party (Bahamas)

All aboard the Holy Ship with dance music royalty on this one, as Duke Dumont shared his all-too-brief half-hour recording from the bay in the Bahamas on Soundcloud recently. But before you have a chance to let the enviable prospect of seeing Duke Dumont playing a show as you coast between Miami and Cuba become a problem for you, the feel-good house that the Duke is known to dominate takes you to that happy place, wherever that may be.

4. Pedestrian + Alix Perez: Rinse FM Takeover

Pedestrian's first takeover on Rinse FM featured special guest Alix Perez, both spinning a veritable selection of of superb tracks from their respective music banks. If you liked the result of pair's collaboration on Pedestrian's Origins/Kalakuta EP, you're more than likely to enjoy the next couple of hours which includes new tracks from each, amongst a heady blend of electronica and some Fela Kuti to boot.

5. Munk: Jazz Head Mix No1

One for the crate diggers, as German producer Munk delves into his own deep love for all things jazz for the debut of his own mix series. "Besides his love for Disco and electronic music he has been buying rare Jazz records since he was 15. Psychedelic Jazz, Hard Bob, Jazz – Rock, Fusion. If you see his home you’ll find an ill combination of crazy, unknown music... From funky Brasil jams to rare Soul Jazz and some more experimental stuff." Dig in.

6. Hackman: Thump Mix

British producer Ben Hackman, known better by his surname, put together a top notch blend of classic house, boogie, funk, R&B, and of course, a couple of tracks from the man himself in a mix for Thump. Talking to them last year, he mentioned his original reluctance to play out, explaining, “I read some interview that said [becoming a producer] sort of forces people to start performing. I definitely enjoy the production side of things more. I like to be in my own space writing away.” It doesn't show, as the string of songs seems to demonstrate his DJing abilities as much as they do his production prowess.

7. Starkey & Dev79 - Juno Slit Jockey Takeover Mix

Founders of Slit Jockey Records, Starkey & Dev79, known best for flying the flag for the UK stateside, concentrated their bass-heavy canon into half an hour of grime, trap, and yes, dubstep; all for a mix premiered over on Juno Download.

"30 mins of filth. Have your screw faces at the ready," they tell us. Don't say we didn't warn you.

8. Maxo: Fader Mix

For Maxo's new Fader mix, the producer aimed to concentrate the fun fantasticism of his productions and live shows into a short-but-sweet thirty minute mix of vibrant electronic sounds. He says, "I try and have a lot of fun! When I play live, I rely very heavily on improvisation. I learn best by ear, so this is what comes to me first. To me, making music as a whole is very improvisatory, so I think what I'm doing on stage tends to reflect that!"

9. Tony Poland: Mix for Berceuse Heroique

Editor in Chief of Juno Plus online magazine and all-round music appreciator Tony Poland took some time to craft a cool mix for the boys at Berceuse Heroique. Deep cuts feature aplenty over the space of 90 minutes, including contributions from Curtis Mayfield, Soft Cell, Omar S, and so much more.

10. Juan Maclean: BIS Radio Show #766

Juan Maclean' appearance on the famous Beats In Space series seems to mark some amendment between between the DJ/producer and the show's host, if the intro is anything to go by. The man known for making the house shake does exactly that, though, with the mix running at just over an hour and featuring some 4-to-the-floor rollers, punctuated by large atmospheric shifts. One to get ready to go out to.

11. Ziga Murko: Beat Cinema Podcast #24

To finish off our list, we have producer/composer/Jazz trombonist Ziga Murko serving up his own style of blunted beats in a swift mix appropriately made for Beat Cinema. One to wind down to, have a listen to what the Slovenian-born, NYC-based beatmaker has in his bag of tricks, including his own jazzy edits of songs you already know and love.