Listen to Spoon, DJ Quik, Kurupt, IAMSU! and Boogie Remix "Inside Out"

Adidas and Yours Truly’s “Song From Scratch” series has brought together some random collaborations that have even spawned full projects (see: Shlohmo and Jeremih’s fantastic No More effort). The series specializes in bringing in talent that hasn’t worked together before and bridge the gap between seemingly disparate genres to make something unique.

In their latest collaboration, they unite the two ends of California with Austin’s own Spoon. The starting point was Spoon’s “Inside Out,” and the end product is something unlike any of the rappers would have concocted on their own.

DJ Quik brings his signature West Coast funk to the track (this is the first remix he’s done in a long while), and newcomer Boogie attacks his verse with an unmistakable, infectious hunger. OG Kurupt and IAMSU! put on the finishing touches and another genre-smashing collab is born.

Watch how the incredible track was put together in the clip above and listen to the studio version of the They Want My Soul remix below.