Stream Sufjan Stevens' "Chopped and Scrooged," A Christmas Rap Mixtape


It’s hard to be surprised Sufjan Stevens has more Christmas-themed music for the people after releasing a five-volume tribute to the holiday (his second five-volume tribute, at that). Never one to bore us by playing it safe, Stevens employs a battalion of remixers and rappers, including Das Racist, Deerhoof‘s John Dietrich, Busdriver, Nicky Da B, Oreo Jones, and Kitty Pryde.

Somehow, this isn’t the first or strangest marriage of hip-hop and Sufjan; that award still belongs to Jedi Mind Tricks‘ 2006 single “Razorblade Salvation.”

The end result is not only surprisingly listenable, but actually quite enjoyable at times (“The Child With The Star On His Head” and “Xmas Woes” work wel in particular). Check it out and rethink your Christmas playlist.