Jarryd James - "Do You Remember"

Listen to "Do You Remember," the genre-blending debut single from Australian singer Jarryd James.

Image via Jarryd James


Image via Jarryd James

Image via Jarryd James

Much male indie pop in the last few years has ridden a strange brew of R&B and electronic influence, sometimes spiraling off into the exciting (and often experimental) worlds of artists like James Blake and SOHN, other times finding for more traditional execution in the music of artists like YouTuber Troye Sivan.

A set of sounds—if not a precise genre—seems to be cohering, with artists like Australian newcomer Jarryd James finding ways to combine pop sensibility with interesting sounds. Debut single “Do You Remember” feels like a tastefully subdued cousin of AWOLNation’s hit “Sail,” plucked strings and deliberate percussion building to an excellent chorus. A promising start.