Viper The Rapper Has Released 262 Albums in 2015 (So Far)

Viper the rapper is already having a prolific 2015. And his album covers are still classic.




When we last checked in with Viper, he was wrapping up his 2014 campaign by releasing his 333rd album of the year.

When you hear that number, or Viper’s music, it’s easy to dismiss it as a gimmick. Most songs sound like chopped and screwed versions of an already chopped and screwed album. Most of the music is unintelligible and meme-ish, but the fact that Viper put out .91 albums per day (APD) over the course of a year is at least worth recognizing.

So what is Viper doing in 2015? He’s breaking records.

Viper has released 262 albums on Spotify so far in 2015. That’s 1.04 APD. From my brief research, Viper is on pace to be the first musician to finish a year averaging over 1.00 APD.

Again, those numbers are so unbelievable that one might think he’s just uploading one song per album, or he’s using the same song over and over. But the music is all there and accounted for. All of Viper’s albums contain 15-17 songs, and each song is completely unique. By my calculations, Viper has recorded and released around 3,930 songs so far in 2015.

The album covers add another layer to Viper’s fascinating existence. Many times they come in a series with slight variations that lead to maximum effect. U’RE SUCH AN IMBECILE is followed by U ARE AN IMBECILE. The dark It’s All Because of U ;-( is followed by the deeper, sadder, self-realizing concept album It’s All Because of Me ;-(. Lately it appears Viper’s style has shifted towards R&B with records like She Eyeballin U My Man and Ain’t I See U in a Porno.

What makes this all even more interesting is that Viper doesn’t even promote his own music. He is not very active on Twitter. Viper doesn’t incessantly tweet links to his music like so many other thirsty new artists do. He does not mass email and BCC every writer and editor that he can find. Viper simply makes a daily album, quietly puts it on a shelf, and starts working on the next one.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – Jim Watkins