The Best Reactions to J Cole's New Song About Folding Clothes

You knew the internet was going to go wild with this one.

J. Cole

Image via Dreamville

J. Cole

J. Cole released his fourth studio album 4 Your Eyez Only last night. This comes after a surprise documentary and a possible Kanye diss

After one listen to 4 Your Eyez Only, two tracks jump out. "Immortal" because it's a hit and one of the Best Songs of the Week, and "Foldin Clothes" because it's a song about, well, folding clothes. The song is charming, but J. Cole must have known the ramifications of making a song about folding laundry and drinking almond milk. But it seems like he's going the Drake route and embracing the meme-ability of his music. I respect that. Either way, the internet is still going wild. Take a look at some of the best responses below.