Watch LUCKI's New Music Video For "Root of All"

LUCKI's new 'DAYS B4 II' EP is out now.

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LUCKI has had one of the most unconventional careers in hip-hop, and he's still just 21 years old. He's dealt with ups and downs related to drugs, mental health, and the music industry, but throughout the last five years he's maintained a growing audience and consistently released constantly evolving music along the way. "I just like where I’m at right now," he told us in an interview earlier this month. He shared that he's working on an album called Better Days, and last night he gave a glimpse into his latest work with an EP called DAYS B4 II. The opener to the six-song EP is the hypnotizing "Root of All," and today we're premiering a music video that goes with it.

Watch the "Root of All" music video above, listen to DAYS B4 IIhere, and read our interview with LUCKI to get more familiar with his story.