Lil Gnar and Germ Drop the 'Big Bad Gnar Sh*t' EP

Raw energy and plenty of charisma takes center stage on Gnar and Germ's new project.

Lil Gnar and Germ
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Lil Gnar and Germ

Lil Gnar and Germ picked up momentum fast with "Ride Wit Da Fye" and "Codeine Lemonade." The former was released just three months ago and already has over 1.5 million plays on SoundCloud, and the latter proved it wasn't a fluke. Today, the two deliver their Big Bad Gnar Shit EP, and it should keep things going up. The tape has a raw energy over tracks ranging from slow and ominous ("Samurai Shit") to more lighthearted ("Kick My Drip" and "Pop The Clip") but there's a charming simplicity that runs through it all. It's still rough around the edges, but makes up for lack of polish with unadulterated charisma.

Listen to Lil Gnar and Germ's Big Bad Gnar Shit EP below.

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